You can find the vitamins in food products like egg, milk, green vegetables and fatty fish. But consuming only these products will not provide you the necessary vitamins required for your body. You must take the vitamin supplements that will provide your body the essential vitamins that are a shortage in foods. If you are looking for the best vitamin supplements in Canada, you can search in online by typing as vitamins Canada and Google will display the websites offering vitamin supplements in Canada.

You must ensure that the supplements are free from chemical colors, artificial additives, synthetic flow agents, etc. You must check the label whether it does not contain the below mentioned ingredients that are harmful to your health.
The first ingredient you must check is Synthetic vitamins. It is produced artificially in the lab and even from petroleum or coal tar. Some of the synthetic vitamins are ascorbic acid, riboflavin, DL-alpha tocopherol acetate, etc.
Titanium Dioxide is nano particle powder you must avoid. It is made using the titanium bits and normally used as the pigment. The problems it causes to your health are cancer, cell damage, immune disorders, and many other diseases.
Some of the Genetically-modified organisms added in the vitamin supplements are Synthetic vitamin C, Soybean oil, dextrose, citric acid and maltodextrin. These are very harmful ingredients, and you must check whether the tag GMO-free is stated on the label.
Magnesium stearate is available in some reputed brands, and it blocks the nutrients absorption of your body. It develops biofilm in the intestine that causes serious digestible problems. The word magnesium in its name confuses many people, and it does not contain the Magnesium nutrients.
Irradiation is prohibited in food items by FDA, but it is not possible to make the supplements without irradiation. You can check with the manufacturing company whether their product contains irradiation.