Any exercise or workout that results in increased heart rate is called cardio training. Today, people have become very health conscious, and this trend is evident when we see the huge number sof reviews, like those of the best pull up station 2017, circulating around the internet. Walking, running, swimming, rowing, bike riding and aerobic workouts are examples of cardio training workouts. There are many types of equipment which combine one or more cardiovascular workouts.

Treadmill combines the exercises like walking, running and jogging. The rowing machine combines rowing and bike riding exercises in it. There are several treadmill brands which provide a more modernized experience of a workout. One time setup tread mill, movable treadmills, and even foldable treadmills are present today. The Weslo treadmill is the example of a foldable treadmill.

As suggested by, cardio training is the ultimate solution for weight loss. This helps in reducing weight and strengthening the muscles together. Since cardio training focuses on the large muscles, weight losing will be quick and effective. In the case of an obese person, it may look like there is no result, but losing weight is burning up the extra calories than the normal number of calories in a fit person. It may take some time for the extra pounds using cardio exercises, but over a period of time, An obese person will turn out more healthy and fit. Cardio exercises would definitely burn calories more rapidly and gradually than any other exercises.

Target Heart Rate
It is evident and essential to have a note on the maximum heart rate before starting the cardio training program. This gives the target heart rate that should be maintained during cardio training for a better result. Target heart is achieved by multiplying the effort taken by the maximum heart rate. A twenty to sixty minutes of cardio workout with the steady target rate helps in effective loss of calories.

High-Intensity Interval Training
HIIT includes maximal intensity workouts in seconds and energy recovery time in minutes, which equates to 1:2 or 1:3 ratio. When less time allowed for the energy to be recovered, the result will be decreased shedding of calories and injury due to the intensity of the workout. According to research, twelve weeks of continuous HIIT will help in reduced fat, increased lean mass and aerobic power in the body. Also, high-intensity interval training improves the fat burning enzymes.

Tabata Training
Tabata training is a type of HIIT which describes a high-intensity workout for twenty seconds and the energy recovery time for ten seconds. This should be repeated for four minutes, as it increases the oxygen intake, anaerobic and aerobic involvement to the maximum and uses up maximum calories than a typical one-hour workout. This is highly recommended for sportspersons.

The correct cardio training exercise should be selected, for getting the expected results. When aiming to lose weight, shedding the extra calories is not the only objective. Losing calories and fat without strengthening the muscles weaken the body, and the metabolism of the body will be affected. Cardio training helps not only in reducing the excess fat and calories but also the help in increasing the muscle strength. Cardio training combined with a proper diet is the ultimate solution to weight loss in obese person.