Pregnancy and giving birth is a wonderful feeling that every woman should experience at least once in their lives. The very feeling of having a life growing inside of you is exciting and fulfilling. Many women try to prepare themselves for the birth of their little one by reading books, listening to CD’s and attending prenatal sessions in their respective hospitals. It is good to know how it happens but each and every birth is a miracle. To find out more about childbirth and pregnancy related reads take a look at the site here. There are many online websites as well that can give you an insight about pregnancy and childbirth. But having it the natural way is the best that can happen to both the mother and baby, that is where comes in handy.

We all know that babies can remember their birth and we also know that the mother remembers the birth of each and every moment associated with it. When parents-to-be actively participate in all the decisions that are to be made during the labor and delivery, they are more likely to think about the delivery without any regrets. In some cases, a well manages birth with the assistance of medical representatives would also make them content.

Before the actual birth begins, you could experience some pressure on your uterus, called the Braxton-Hicks. This is the way in which the body prepares itself for the delivery. These contractions make the uterus to be ready and the cervix to become softer. As the birth processes, the contractions will become more frequent and intense; signaling that you are getting into the birth time. When the cervix reaches full dilation, the contractions will also become very intense and be more frequent. When the fetus moves down in the pelvis, you might start feeling very uncomfortable; some may even have vomiting, sweating or chills. These are indications that the baby is coming out and that too in a natural way.

While following the contractions and the cervix is fully open, you would have a desire to push the baby out. You will have to push for every contraction and also breathe while pushing. The natural tendency is to keep breathing, but you could just exhaust all your energy. So you need to try to relax between contractions. If the membranes are not already broken, it will break at this stage. You may also need a small vaginal cut to make sure that the membranes do not rupture during childbirth.

When the baby is about to be born, the head will be seen in the vaginal opening. This is when you have to push hard and also remember to take deep breaths. Once the baby comes out, the umbilical cord is cut, and you can feel the baby in your arms. The final stage in childbirth and probably the shortest is the elimination of the placenta. Generally, this does not take more than half hour. After delivery, the medical representatives might suggest an injection of plain oxytocin or mixed with ergometrine that helps in efficiently contracting the uterus.