Wim Hof is a very famous world record holder from Netherlands. His ability to withstand in freezing conditions made him famous worldwide. He holds around 20+ world records and widely known as ice-man. He could achieve these extreme difficult tasks by controlling his breathing. A physically fit person could control his breath for about 2 minutes, but Wim Hof can control his breath for about 6 minutes. Now many people have started learning about wim hof breathing technique to control their breath to stay fit and healthy. Feel free to check the blog at http://entrepreneur.com/ regarding this quite impossible feat.

The Record Holder
Wim Hof holds many world records by using his breathing techniques. Following are some significant achievements by Wim Hof.

· Climbed the Mount Everest only with shoes and shorts.

· Completed a full marathon in the Arctic Circle only with shorts.

· Completed a full marathon in a desert area without water.

· Stayed immersed in extremely cold conditions for a record breaking time of 1 hour and 44 minutes.

· Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro only with shorts within two days.

Wim Hof Method

· The main question from many people is that how he could achieve these feats. He was able to perform these amazing feats by using unique breathing techniques. The method is called wim hof method and many people have joined his training programs to learn about this unique breathing technique. Before you start the actual training program, you will be explained about training program details and what is actually meant by breathing techniques and its benefits.
· The first and foremost important part is relaxation. You have first to find out a very peaceful place and then close your eyes and be relaxed. Then take a deep breath till you feel some pressure on your chest. You have to do this exercise for about 30 minutes and slowly you can be able to control your breathing. This method is known as Controlled Hyperventilation. Take a deep breath at the end and completely exhale.
· At the initial stage, you could be able to control your breath for about one minute. After regular training, your breath control timing will slowly increase and you can achieve your maximum target of 3 minutes after you cross the third level.
· The next level is ice bath. Make sure that you are mentally and physically fit for doing the ice batch technique otherwise. It is not recommended to do if you are not fit. You have to take a deep breath before you start your ice bath so that your entire body will be ready to control the coldness. Day by day you can feel that your strength to withstand the cold conditions is going up.

Advantages of wim hof method
Your energy levels will increase and you can play any kind of sports with more stamina. You will get good sleep after training. A good sleep is good for your health. Regular exercise will burn your excess fat quickly. You body immune system will be stronger and it will protect you from any diseases.