Aspects To Consider While Selecting Breast Augmentation Denver Surgeon


Breast implants are not of recent origin, and it has been in practice for over 50 years now and there is no doubt that it is popular among surgical procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has it that 290,244 procedure of breast augmentations were performed in the country according to National Plastic Surgery Statistics 2013. With the passage, the advancement in the field has been spectacular with implant technology regularly being updated. Women in Denver are often confused when it comes to breast augmentation procedures due to the wide range of options available. The Breast Augmentation Denver surgeon should be certified by American Board of Medical Specialties in plastic surgery.

There are two types of implants that are popularly used, silicone and saline. The advancements have lead to flexibility in size, texture, composition and profile. Patients today have a wide range of implant options laid before them that are clinically tested. These implants are safe and efficient. The first option for patients is always silicone over saline. The reasons being the latest technology called gummy bear implants that give a natural feel and texture. Another major advantage of using silicone implant is that it does not deflate easily, and the rippling effect is low. Though, all this comes at a cost.

The decision on the location of the incision is crucial for the surgery and has to be decided in coordination with the surgeon and the patient. The appearance of the scar can be undetected with innovative products like Keller Funnel. Most surgeons prefer inframammary, transaxillary or peri-areolar. All types of incision methods do not suit all patients. It is up to the surgeon to finalize on the incision location based on the implant and body type. Another major decision likes in selection the right size. It is important to choose depending on the body anatomy.

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