If you want to build up muscles then you must do the workouts on weight bench. The workout bench thus becomes important equipment in your home gym or basement gym. To boost your fitness level and develop your current workouts program you must really add resistance training method to your existing routine.

Though the adjustable bench looks similar to a normal bench, it is designed in such a way to change into several positions for giving functional benefits. You must invest in a good weight bench for your effective workout session. The reviews of adjustable weight bench of the top five brands are explained below and you must consider this brand before buying a weight bench.

Commercial Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench from XMark Fitness is the suitable option for your home gym. Also, it is a wonderful choice when there is little space to store the bench. It is a smaller dimension bench and you don’t think it is a light weight bench. It supports for the intense and rigorous workouts. It follows the most important change from the other weight benches. You can position the weight bench properly at various angles. Because of this factor, it is considered as the best bench. It can handle up to 1500 pounds without any difficulty and damages.

Flat Incline and Decline Folding Bench from Powerline is the best option when you have little space to store the weight bench. It is the perfect option for your home gym. If you are a beginner searching for a best quality foldable and adjustable bench in a tight bench then you can prefer this. It supports seven various adjustment options. It is suitable for beginners and if you are a person who does rigorous and intense exercises then you can look for other options.

The Super Bench from Ironmaster – An Adjustable Weight Bench is not suitable if you are looking for the perfect Olympic bench. It is a high-quality modern bench with different adjustable options. It is an expensive bench than the other bench option available in the market and before buying this weigh bench you must do extensive research on it. The appearance of the bench is different from the other bench models and also the seating position can change to a wide number of angles. You can feel comfortable when doing your workouts in this high-quality weight bench. However, the price of the bench is lower than the high range benches.

The Adjustable Bench from Bowflex is the perfect choice if you are looking to buy high-quality work bench for your home gym. It is the most reputed brand in the market and it has a trendy design. The color combo of this bench is black and red. It supports only six angles of position which is less than other bench models.

FID Bench from CAP Strength is the fifth bench which is the best choice for you when you are not interested in various attachments and extra positions. It is also an affordable high-quality and durable weight bench. It has four positions and it is worth at such a low price. Many customers are happy with the bench performance at its cheap purchase cost.